Module 1: Introduction to Master GT 100 (.5 hours)

Course overview

Master Limited 100 GT Near Coastal License Issuance Course is designed to provide  the student with the basic skills required for issuance of a USCG Master 100 GT Original  Issuance in lieu USCG Examination IAW 46 CFR, Part 10 and to insure safe navigation  and Safety at Sea.

Participants successfully completing the training course for 100 GT Near Coastal  should be capable of undertaking all of the responsibilities expected of a master within their field  of expertise (Passenger, Towing or Private Vessel)  

The principal aim is to develop individual trainer attributes. Thus, the thrust of the course is  directed at prompting the knowledge, skills and attitudes, which the “ideal” Master should  possess, i.e.:  

Skills relating to:  

  • Safe Navigation 
  • Basic Shiphandling 
  • Basic Seamanship 
  • Bridge watch standing 
  • Using Rules of the Road 
  • Knowledge Survival, Fire Prevention and Stability 

Managerial skills and aptitudes relating to:  

  • Voyage Planning 
  • Organization 
  • Identifying and Using Resources 
  • Leadership 
  • Interpersonal Relationships 
  • Professionalism 

Order your course materials

Head over to Amazon or a local marine retailer to purchase the following:

  • Weems & Plath #176 Marine Navigation Ultralight Divider by Weems & Plath 
  • Weems & Plath Marine Navigation Parallel Ruler (Aluminum Arms, 15-Inch)
    by Weems & Plath 
    Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 67th Edition (Chapman Piloting and Seamanship) 
    by Chapman et al. 
    • (Note you can use other editions but page/ chapters numbers may be altered, refer to the Chapter title for reading material)
  • NOAA Training Chart: 12354TR – Long Island Sound
    by NOAA 
  • NOAA Training Chart: 13205 TR – Block Island Sound
    by NOAA 
  • NOAA Training Chart: 12221TR – Chesapeake Bay
    by NOAA 

To Complete this Course

To complete this course, you must: 

  • Finish all Coursework in every module including video lectures, readings, and quizes
  • Schedule and Take your Final examination in person with Confident Captain
  • Complete the course within 6 months of starting the course

Completion of the course and exam does not guarantee your Captain’s License. As part of the requirements 46 CFR Part 10, you are further required to undertake:

  1. Physical and Drug Testing
  2. Complete Sea service requirements
  3. First Aid / CPR

Should you have any questions regarding these additional requirements, contact our office.

Introduce Yourself

From the side bar choose the Course Forum and head there to Introduce yourself. This is also where you can get help from fellow students and instructors.

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