December 27, 2020

Next Steps… How an oyster farmer grew his business by becoming a professional captain – Part 5

In the conclusion of our new Building Better Businesses Series, Capt. Matt Behan looks to the future and his next steps.

Building Better Businesses Series brought to you by the Professional Captains Association

Matt Behan has continued to open doors with a lot of hard work, to enhance the successful oyster farm and business that he has created from the ground up. He describes, “There were parts of the business that had to be fine-tuned and it took a couple years, a lot of money, and head scratching just looking for patterns and things and seeing what other people are doing.” 

Cognizant that innovation is the key to expansion and success, Behan focuses on “keeping up with the latest cutting edge thing that guys further along are doing. We are at the point where we have everything under control. Everything is working like a well oiled machine.”

Now, Behan is focusing on his expansion into the world of eco-tourism and making sure he is up to date on the latest trends. “I’m on instagram and I’m friends with tons of oyster farmers, and some of them are doing so well with eco-tourism.” 

Behan continues to grow his business and develop his farm-based eco-tours, “people really want to see where their oysters are coming from, and we are giving them that.” In more ways than one, Behan Family Farms essentializes the necessity of innovation, and Matt’s journey shows how you truly can Build A Better Business. 

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