April 21, 2021

Rules for a Busy Bay

Recorded April 28 - This seminar is for recreational boaters and professional captains alike to remind ourselves about the Rules of the Road to keep us all safe out there.

Each month on the last Wednesday at 7pm EST, we will bring you a deep dive into a topic of interest to small boat professional captains. 

Rules for a Busy Bay - With Capt. Kent Dresser

Captain Kent Dresser is a 31-year veteran first response, salvage, training, and wreck-removal Captain on Narragansett Bay. He is the President and Founder of Confident Captain as well as the Professional Captains Association.

In this seminar, Capt. Kent will take a deep dive into the written rules, the "assumed" understood rules, and recommended courses of action for running small vessels (less than 100 tons) on Narragansett Bay. Topics covered will include:

  • Rules of the Road for Recreational Boaters
  • Navigating Regattas and Events
  • Navigating High Traffic and Situational Awareness
  • Defensive Driving
  • Common misconceptions and bad information
  • Safe Strategies for confidence and safety on the water

This seminar is geared towards all small vessel operators: recreational, professional, or "prosumer". It will be specific to Narragansett Bay but applicable across many bodies of water. 

"As the marine industry braces for one of the busiest boating seasons in history, I feel compelled to offer insight and know-how from my 31-year career running vessels on Narragansett Bay. There is not much that I have not seen out there, and a lot of it I hope to never see again." - Capt. Kent Dresser 

This seminar is a Zoom based "MUST ATTEND" for the Narragansett Bay. 

This seminar will count towards annual Professional Development credits for PCA members that are participating in our upcoming Commitment to Excellence Program and is free for everybody to join! We hope to see you there!

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