December 17, 2021

The Future is Hybrid: How to get your Captain’s License in a Post-Covid Era

On January 5, 2022 at 6:30 pm, we will continue or Pro Seminar Series with Captain Kent Dresser who will discuss how to get your Captain's License in an era of hybrid instruction. Bring your questions for Kent and join us for the first seminar of 2022!

The first Pro Seminar Series of 2022 will start with a peek into some of the exciting initiatives for earning your captain's license that are on the horizon with the Professional Captains Association in 2022. 

Capt. Kent Dresser

Captain Kent Dresser will offer advice and insights for small boat captains seeking their Captain license (or renewals) in the post-Covid era of 2022 and beyond. His talk is designed to answer your questions and offer support in the age of hybrid learning with options to study independently online and in person.

The latest scientific research into how adults learn shows that hybrid learning options are the most effective and direct way to increase knowledge and fast-track your study questions directly in order to overcome challenges.

Our new 'Exam Prep' tutoring sessions allow you to bring your questions directly to an expert in-person tutor. Combined with an online course, this is a sure-fire way the Professional Captains Association can help prepare you for the USCG Master 25/50/100 Exam or the OUPV (6-Pack) examination.

In combination with an online course, in person tutoring will steer you away from exam pitfalls, help you gain USCG curriculum insights, and stock up on exam-taking tactics to get ready for test day.