March 23, 2021

The Importance of a Trade Association

Professional Development & Mentorship, Advocacy, and more.

With only a few weeks since our launch, I am proud to see that so many people are signing up as members of the Professional Captains Association (PCA).  If you missed our introductory webinar back on 2/16, you can find a recording of it here.  

I have been fortunate to have been involved in managing trade associations for several years.  Along the way, I have met some great people from all walks of life and in different stages of their careers.  As I mentioned on the webinar, one of the frequent questions that I get is “Why should I join a Trade Association?”  Simply put, people join a trade association for a variety of reasons ranging from member benefits, advocacy, education, and camaraderie.  When we developed the PCA we made sure to check off all these boxes. 

Even though the up to 100-ton Captain’s segment is underserved in our industry, Captains may still be hesitant in spending their hard-earned money to join the PCA because they have never belonged to a trade organization.  Here are some compelling reasons to join your trade organization, the PCA:

  1. Professional Development & Mentorship - The PCA is founded by Confident Captain which is a known and respected industry leader in training and education within the industry  As the PCA was developed under Captain Kent’s vision, you can expect the same high level of service, education, and mentorship.  Depending on your membership level when you join the PCA, you will access to captain’s courses through Confident Captain. Also included are consulting sessions with captains who can offer career advice and provide the tips you need to succeed.
  1. Advocacy  - A major function of a trade organization is the ability for members to discuss industry issues with your peers and to have your trade association work on your behalf to address those issues.  It is quite simple – if we do not do this, we are nothing more than a social club.  An example of a member issue may be illegal or unlicensed operators taking away job opportunities from licensed boat captains and creating safety issues for consumers.  It is my understanding that this is prevalent in certain parts of the country, especially with tour boat operators, and it needs to be addressed.  Ultimately, a trade organization is the chief advocacy arm for its membership and addresses concerns that are raised by the members themselves.  I encourage members to approach me with federal or state issues that they want to be addressed – that is what the PCA is here for.
  1. Member Benefits – From discounts on legal services, financial planning, and website development, the PCA has all the tools you need to assist you and your business.  PCA Members also get exclusive access to “Capt Tracker”, our propriety sea-time tracker as well as access to our members only job board.  In the next few months, we have even more member benefits coming out which will further enhance the value of a PCA membership!

For more information on how to join the PCA, visit us online or contact me directly at [email protected]!

Best Regards,

Ed Salamy

Executive Director – Professional Captains Association (PCA)